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Hello freinds,

As you've probably noticed, we've been absent form our website. We're changing that now. WE finally have access and control to make the updates and changes on a regular basis. We apologize for any confusion this may have cause. So, please check back often for updates and get on mailing list if you haven't already.

We Love You! Really we do!
New Tour Dates! 11-03-10
We just recently posted a good amount of new tour dates... We will be doing some shows with Graham Colton- and we're extremely excited! We also have some shows coming up in our home town- check out our new dates and come see us when we're in your city!
The Season Finale of Crash Course! 10-26-10
The final episode of Crash Course to Stardom airs today on The Celebrity Cafe... Tell us what you thought of our journey on the TV show. Follow the link to see the director's cut of our music video!
Episode Number Eleven! 10-19-10
Episode number eleven of Crash Course to Stardom was put up today on the Celebrity Cafe! We can't believe the season is almost over... There's only one episode left! Tune in to see what happens
New Tour Date 10-19-10
We just posted a new tour date- Come see us live in Chicago on the 29th... Want to know why it's going to be the best night ever? You get in FREE if you wear a costume! Now, what can be more fun than music and costumes?!
MORE new tour dates! 10-11-10
Hey everyone! More good news... we just posted some more dates - we are going to be hitting different Guitar Center's on the West Coast. There we will be playing 45 minute sets, with a Q & A and meet and greet afterward! Can't wait to see you all there!
Only three episodes left... 10-11-10
Tomorrow, episode number ten of Crash Course to Stardom will be airing on Please be sure to stop by and let us know what you think! There are twelve episodes total for season one, which means we are quickly approaching the season finale! We can't wait for you to see it...
New tour dates announced! 10-08-10
Hey everyone... we are having an awesome time here on the West coast! Headed to San Francisco as we speak... Which means we hope to see you all at the Independant tomorrow night!
To the good news.... we have just announced two more tour dates with Bob Schneider! This is especially great news if you live in Texas! Check em out!

Bascom Hill
  Bascom Hill's second leg of their tour with Bob Schneider starts NOW! 10-05-10
Hello Arizona! We'll be rocking out tonight at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, and in a few days we'll be bringing some music and fun to California! We are extremely thrilled to be on the West coast, and we can't wait to see you all!
Hello to the West Coast! 10-01-10
Dear West Coast Fans,
We are just hours away from hopping on our tour bus and heading your way! We'll kick the month off with a gig at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, and after Arizona we'll be seein' you all at the Key Club in Hollywood! Make sure and check out our "shows" section to see when we'll be in your area! Don't forget to come and say hi...
  Episode number 8 of CCTS! 10-01-10
Hey everyone! Make sure and stop by The Celebrity Cafe, and let us know what you think of episode number 8!
  New interview with Bascom Hill! 09-24-10
Bascom Hill was in the studio with Bruce Winter from WUWM/Milwaukee a few weeks back- follow the link the hear the band's interview!
  Twitter News! 09-21-10
Hey Guys! We are so stoked by how supportive our fans have been on Facebook.... We would love to start sharing the love on Twitter as well! We have been using Twitter a lot lately, and we'd like to be able to chat with some of you on there too.

  Bascom Hill's first show with Bob Shneider! 09-20-10
Tonight is the kick off to Bascom Hill's tour with Bob Shneider! They are performing at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Check out our tour dates section to see when the boys will be in your town! Stay tuned for photos from tonight's show.
In just a few hours... 09-20-10
Episode number seven of Crash Course to Stardom will be airing on The Celebrity Cafe! Come on over tonight or tomorrow morning to see what's next with your favorite band...
  New self-titled record in stores now! 09-07-10
Bascom Hill's new self-titled record has just been released! It is available on ITunes and Amazon (as well as other stores). Or you can purchase a copy at one of the band's next shows! The CD is made up of 12 tracks- including "Inevitable" and "My World (Sucks to be You)".
Click here to view or purchase the album on Amazon:
  Webisode Series 09-07-10
In other news, “Crash Course To Stardom,” the new webisode series featuring Bascom Hill and airing exclusively at, has received an amazing response in the past few weeks as more than 9,000 people viewed the first episodes of the new series. Every week a new 3-5 minute webisode will be posted for you to watch. Viewers will have the opportunity to interact with us via Twitter and Facebook and also enter to win a contest to win an iPod. Check it out on
  Bascom Hill announces new tour dates with Bob Schneider! 09-07-10
Bascom Hill has just announced plans to join Bob Schneider on tour after their Midwest record release shows. Visit our "Shows" section to see when they'll be in a city near you! This is a show you won't want to miss...
  BASCOM HILL to be featured in the new webisode series, "Crash Course to Stardom" 07-27-10
Bascom Hill is riding a wave of advance acclaim for their self-titled release (out Sept 7 on Arrival Records) and will be featured in the new webisode series, “Crash Course To Stardom” (CCTS), debuting Aug. 9 at

CCTS is a one week “boot camp,” produced by music industry veterans Jonnie Forster, Jonathan McHugh, and Jonathan Platt, designed to prepare today’s wannabes for becoming tomorrow’s somebody’s. After attending Bascom Hill’s performance at last year’s Summerfest, the producers whisked the band away to Los Angeles for an intense weeklong adventure in preparing for the big time. The band worked tirelessly for the duration, meeting with producers (Matt Wallace), writers (Mitch Allan), stylists, stage coaches, fitness trainers, hair stylists, choreographers, and others to prepare for their big moment.

The series will debut Aug. 9 and new 3-5 minute webisodes will be posted weekly. Viewers will have the opportunity to interact with the band via Twitter and Facebook and also enter to win numerous contests.

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  The Bryan Brothers & Bascom Hill Confrim 2 L.A. Area Performances - PRESS RELEASE 07-20-10
“One of the Midwest’s hottest acts” (Shepherd Express), Bascom Hill, is riding a wave of advance acclaim for their self-titled new release (out Sept 7 on Arrival Records) and will debut music from the record at shows with the Bryan Bros Band on July 25 at The Air Conditioned Lounge in Venice and on July 26 at Molly Malone’s. The shows will benefit Save The Schools.

Bascom Hill, who writes “great melodies and memorable songs” (Mark Goodman/Sirius XM Radio), has been known and loved as one of the Midwest’s top songwriters and hottest acts, as demonstrated by their recent Wisconsin Area Music Industry Award for Pop Artist of the Year earlier this year.

The Bryan Brothers recently teamed up with Bascom Hill to make a surprise guest appearance in Bascom Hill’s new video “My World (sucks to be you.)” Tennis isn’t the twin’s only passion. Their debut release, “Let It Rip,” was released late last year and features Bob Bryan on bass and keyboards, Mike Bryan on drums, and David Baron as the lead vocalist as well as on piano and guitar.

WHO: Bascom Hill and The Bryan Bros Band featuring David Baron
WHAT: Live in concert
WHEN/WHERE: July 25, The Air Conditioned Lounge in Venice, 8pm July 26, Molly Malone’s, 8pm

Read Full Press Release >
  Mark Needham 02-11-10
Fleetwood Mac, The Killers and Chris Isaak are just a few notable bands who have worked with mixer/producer/engineer Mark Needham. The legendary engineer has also mixed hit songs for Robert Cray, Michelle Branch, Cake and Taj Mahal. During their week long rock 'n' roll crash course, Bascom Hill was given the amazing opportunity to tweak their song "Inevitable" with Needham.

"I thought the song sounded good," Needham said. "The chorus is memorable; the parts are there…I think it’s just a matter of clearing up some parts and adding a couple of things to the intro to keep it more interesting." "Inevitable" is without a doubt one of Bascom Hill's most energetic songs and with Needham’s critiques, the Band has taken it to a whole new level. "You have three minutes to say everything you want to say to the world…every sentence, every word in that song needs to be important," Needham noted. Whether it was working with Mark Needham or other music industry professionals, Bascom Hill spent their seven days in Los Angeles working extremely hard and impressing some of the biggest names in the music business. "I thought the guys were great to work with and I thought the song came out very strong," said Needham.
Stay tuned to hear the final result!
  Mitch Allen 02-11-10
Bascom Hill’s Jason Sheridan and Charlie Victor are no strangers to the art of songwriting. The duo has been the driving force behind the lyrics and melody of the Bascom Hill’s vast catalogue. While making their rounds in Hollywood, the Band was invited to work intimately with songwriter Mitch Allan in a one-on-one writing session. Allan has steadily become one of the songwriting worlds “go to guys,” writing hits for such acts as Daughtry, Faith Hill, The Jonas Brothers and co-wrote the song “No Boundaries” for the latest American Idol winner, Kris Allen. In addition to his songwriting career, Allan was also a long-time member of the rock band SR-71.

While working with Matt Wallace, Mark Needham and Aaron Kamin, Bascom Hill hashed out new versions of old songs. With Allan, the Band was given the opportunity to write and record an entirely brand new piece of music. That song, “All About Tonight”, has given the Band a more modernized sound. In the past, Bascom Hill material was rich with acoustic/electric textures, giving them a defining sound. The newly penned tune with Allan however, is filled with electric guitars and heavy choruses. “Taking it to the next level is always the hardest part,” said Allan. “Given their reception to my ideas and their natural sense of melody, I think this Band could really do something”. The song “All About Tonight” could very well make Bascom Hill one of the premier rock bands of 2010.
  Matt Wallace 02-11-10
Bascom Hill hit the studio recently with acclaimed music producer Matt Wallace to record a refined version of their single, “My World”. Wallace is no stranger to the confined walls of a recording studio and has become a staple name in the music and recording industry. He started out playing in bands at the age of 13 years old. It did not take him long to find out that his desire to capture the music and to impress friends was so appealing, that he learned how to record music. Eventually, after being asked by other bands for his help, he started learning how to become a producer. Over the course of his lengthy history in the music business, Wallace has worked with; Faith No More, Maroon 5, Train, O.A.R., Ludo, Sheryl Crow, The Replacements, REM, and now, Bascom Hill.

The task at hand for Wallace seemed simple; find an amazing song for Bascom Hill to record and get them into the studio to lay it down with him. However, it was not as easy as planned. “After having seen some excellent live footage of the Band I was inspired to work with them and the question of which song to record came up,” Wallace recalled. “The producers of Crash Course To Stardom and I spent a considerable amount of time searching for the 'perfect hit song' to record with Bascom Hill by asking numerous music publishers to send their best songs.” After receiving dozens of submissions from well known music publishers and songwriters, it was Bascom Hill’s own song “My World” that won Wallace over. “The song was instantly catchy, had a great vibe, and had very relatable lyrics,” said Wallace. “Working with them to record and perfect their song was an absolute pleasure as each of the members brought their considerable talents to the table and the resulting recording is exceptional. If there is any justice in the music business you'll be singing along to Bascom Hill's "My World" while it's playing on radios everywhere.”